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Escape Valentine's Prison - US Scourge Event - Friday 2/22 @ 8pm EST


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The time has come and the preparations have been made...

Escape Valentine's Prison


A new event will be coming this Friday to the US Scourge server where teams of 5 will compete to see if they can't leave through the prison gates within the time limit.  Players will not only be challenged with surviving the dangers within the walls but also completing puzzles which will lead to clues on how to escape.  Will you succeed where others have failed?  Will you taste sweet freedom or will you be doomed to haunt the grounds as many have before you?

Some of the rules:

  1. Players who enter the event can choose to have a team ready before it begins or will be assigned a team after everyone has joined.
  2. Each team will have 15 minutes to escape.
  3. The remaining players on a team will "win" when at least one member opens and escapes out the locked gate.
  4. A team will lose when they have not escaped before the gates close, preventing them from completing the game.
  5. There are hints and codelock numbers for the final gate scattered around the prison as well as gear upgrades which will help your team progress.

Winning Conditions:

I have decided the best way to determine prizes for this event will be based on total time taken for successful teams which are able to escape.  If there is no successful team by the end of the event the team that progressed furthest and provides myself with the most code fragments will be considered the winner.  



UPDATE 2/21:

I have finished all of the puzzles with the help of a few testers this week and tweaked the timing of the event to allow for a better experience.  I would like to personally thank Jacktapper, Smo, Mackinnon, Ozzen and Crystallove for helping get this prepared for Friday.  I am in the process of finishing the last hints and have all of the other items prepped and ready to go.

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