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Banned EU Pure Zola69

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Offender: Zola69
Server: EU Pure
Time: 17:13 GMT
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Looting/Griefing/Disrespectful to admin

Additional Info:

Was called over by another player to deal with a dead body that had loot on it.

Whilst I was stood next to the body the offender came up to it 2 times, looted the body and took items to a nearby public recycler to recycle. The offender continued to loot the body and walked away from me when I asked what they were doing.

The player who the loot belonged to confirmed that Zola69 had no permission to take the items.

I TP'd the offender into a cage to ask why they took the items, and just kept shooting me with a crossbow (after I asked them to stop) and typed "fuk you" in chat. At this point they were kicked and told to come back when they could hold a discussion with admin.

The offender logged back in and was spoken to by another admin. The offender said nothing and logged out of the server.

Moments later another player logged in and reported that one of their boxes had been by locked by another player (griefing). Zola69 was the last name on the box (and is something that he has previously been warned for by Death).

At the point the player was banned from the server as they have shown they cannot follow the rules.20190217163642_1.thumb.jpg.28333471489beaf864b9d1274abcf5bd.jpg20190217164026_1.thumb.jpg.f3e229f3ab70581bd6e8a5476081a614.jpg20190217163508_1.thumb.jpg.37b3eb88882afa6cd7ee2ac9b57b66d0.jpg20190217164342_1.thumb.jpg.92f96b82bc9b357164c86797edadbeec.jpg

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