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US Pure: Hall of Pain 2/24/2019 (12pm EST, 5pm GMT)


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Hall of Pain

This event will be simple get across the hall Alive. It will not be an easy task though.

You will face unseen dangers were one miss step could be your last. 

-All are welcome to come give it a try.

-You are to bring Nothing you don't want to lose.

-You will be only given a glimmer of hope to get to the other side.


12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm GMT




1st Place:   $10 RustEZ store credit

2nd Place:   $5 RustEZ store credit

3rd Place:   5 Supply signals

Completion Award: 2 Supply signals

Participation Award:   1 Supply signal


-Any boosting up on walls or taking any other path other than the hall will result in disqualification.

-Please keep moving Forward! Not one Step Back!

-Picking up other players will be up to you. Do you help someone in need or leave them to die? You decide for yourself.

-Try to be respectful to other players, but be aware people will be bumping into each other.

-You are going to die. A lot.

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