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Pookie Town Performance Issues and Building


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Hey all! I wasn't exactly sure where to put this (not exactly a "server suggestion") so I thought I may as well just start a new post. This is also a pretty popular topic in the in-game chat, so maybe it needs to be addressed on its own. Although my experience with framerate issues in Pookie Town (I think that's what we're calling it) varies depending on how busy the server is, I know a lot of people experience some pretty intense lag in the area regardless. I think for the most part people have been good about building sparingly with only whats needed for a small base with a shop or public area and that has helped limit any issues. However, as more wind turbines, pumpjacks and refineries (large entities with moving parts and sounds) have been set up, performance issues in town have undoubtedly gotten worse. Another issue I'd like to address is that some of these entities also take up an excessive amount of space that could be used for new shops/public spaces. At this point I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to blame or shame anyone for the stated issues, but rather offer my perspective and maybe make some suggestions as to how we can improve the situation for everyone. 

I think the lag around Pookie Town is an issue that, even if it doesn't directly affect us, it probably does have an effect on the server in general; town is a great place for people new to the server to pick up anything they need to get started. I've seen new players react to how laggy town is and, although I'm making a bit of an assumption here, I have a strong feeling that has led some to promptly look for another server (lots of players are extremely averse to any performance issues). Obviously lag and framerates are dependent on a plethora of things (system capability, mods, entities, map size, players, etc.,) and I'm not trying to say we need to cater to people running on less capable systems, but I think reducing some of the impact could help strengthen our community and improve the experience overall. Most of us would probably agree that a higher server population is ultimately beneficial; not only does it improve the social aspects of the game, but it also boosts the economy that we have collectively set up with our shops. This is something that I can say I have witnessed, as on some of the busier days on the server, when we've had an influx of new players, I've noticed an increase in sales at my shops and interactions with other players. From my personal experience, a higher population also increases the amount of traffic to the server, as players generally look for larger and more active communities when looking for a new server, so, in some ways, population growth can be exponential. Most of us would also probably support exposing more people to the version of Rust we're enjoying here on RustEZ Scourge to help broaden the general Rust community's view of alternative gameplay styles and server options...but I'm getting a bit off topic here.

As to my point about "valuable space," I want to clarify that this isn't necessarily about limiting building size in town (I don't want to limit creativity), but rather setting some useful codes of conduct with regards to the types of building that happens in these areas. Considering most of us have some type of shop/public space set up here, I think the majority probably agree that the area has a communal purpose and so our buildings should tend to conform to that end. In addition to causing framerate issues, entities, like the pumpjack, take up a large amount of space that, unless set to /share, can only be used by the person who placed it (and their friends). Without trying to overstate my point, what I'm saying is that these entities aren't conducive to the collective aim of town and they take up space that could be better utilized for and by the community as a whole. Go ahead and set up your storage/crafting room, lights, electricity and whatever else you may think you need for yourself in town, but there's plenty of space to set up a "main base," with all the private amenities you need, elsewhere on this massive map and with TPs (or SMO's sweet public dock) transportation to and from town is incredibly easy. I do acknowledge that because the town is a collective project it is difficult to regulate in any way, especially when some of the entities I'm talking about were set up on day one or two of wipe, when the town was just getting started (to this maybe admins are able to relocate these entities for those who placed them?). That said, I think it is fairly easy to predict the general area where town is going to develop and avoid placing these large entities there.. Once again, I'll reiterate, I think people should build to their heart's content in town, but be more conscious of their use of personal space and more considerate to others hoping to build in/near town.

RE: wind turbines and refineries: Although turbines don't take up much room because you can place them on your roof, they're still large entities with lots of moving parts and sounds, which contribute to performance issues. When used in conjunction with solar panels, you only require 1 turbine, even on more demanding power systems. For refineries, you are able to place them in a 1x1 block space within your base as long as the ground is exposed and its relatively flat. This allows players to basically avoid entirely loading them in because they are "hidden" behind walls and foundations. Although I would still say its okay to have one external to your base because they're not particularly bad offenders for performance issues and fitting it inside your build isn't always easy, having more than two outside your building in town (unless for public use) seems a bit excessive.

TLDR: I believe the performance issues around Pookie Town are the result of the excessive number of large entities, like pumpjacks, refineries and windmills. Some of these objects also take up valuable space for private purposes, which could be used for shops/public spaces that are more in line with the communal aim of town. I believe we should try and establish some basic codes of conduct around building in/near town to help reduce both framerate issues and to encourage more development of shops/public spaces that can be used by the whole community. My only suggestion at this time is prohibiting the placement of pumpjacks and the excess placement of external entities, like refineries and wind turbines around town. 

Anyways, that's my perspective/suggestions. Although I've been off and on the server for a few months now, this is my first wipe here that I've actually played consistently (absolutely loving it), so I'd hate to trample on any more senior patron's point of view. I'm definitely interested in hearing what others think and any other ideas for how we can improve the situation around town. Thanks for reading lads and ladies!  

- Your fellow survivor and friendly shop owner, GoodforthePrice


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I'm somewhat hoping the map choice for next wipe will help correct this problem by providing a lot of good real estate all over the map that people would want to build on.  I'm also going to be spending time trying to build another town away from Pookie to split the population a little more so we don't get everything built around there.  Maybe some other central hubs in different locations can also help with spreading people out around the map.

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