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US Pure: Indigo's Gyrocopter Cram School


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Have you wanted to become a better gyrocopter pilot? Have you ever wanted to test your mettle in the sky? Ever found a heli around and took off, only to be grounded less than 20 seconds later in a fiery explosion? Look no further! Indigo's cram school and time attack gauntlet is the perfect event for you! 

I've put together a themed obstacle course for the new mini helis with the help of some really great pilots on US Pure. Tested and proven to be ~88% passable, some of these obstacles are monsters, and some as simple as amusement park rides. all of them challenging for someone out there. For an added zest, I also have a time trial, where a lap around the course and back to start could earn you some nice loot!

When and where?
On Monday 2/25 at 8PM EST

Us Pure of course!


  1. Players who enter the event can choose to either run a time trial, or simply take on the challenges of the gauntlet and/or learn to fly. 
  2. There are three checkpoints throughout the course and these spots are the only areas participants are allowed to idle. these act as save points for the course. simply continue ahead to the obstacle that snagged you. for time trial participants, the checkpoints are pauses, and can only be used as they are come across the first time. 
  3. Each participant will be provided "Flight Gear" and fuel, as well as a heli or two...dozen, however many it takes to finish the course. 
  4. The best part is that there's really no losing. except maybe your no crash streak. 


completion of the gauntlet and/ or the fastest time through the course will reap the rewards, though completionists and participants will also receive something sweet. 


$10 store credit for fastest time

5 Airdrops for 100% completion

any $1 item from the store for participation. 

Side Note: I want to thank Ossiie, Tribrats, Rebeline and Souptime_365 for the contributions to the event! Without them, this event would not have half the flair it does now. :)


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