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denied placement of pumpjack


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about a year ago or so i was given the option of a recycler or a pumpjack when i purchased VIP. i was given and i did use the 5 dollar credit for the pumpjack. i asked an admin to place it this past wipe and was denied. i dont understand. has your policy changed? and how does the pumpjack purchase work? i think if you sold me a pumpjack for lifetime i should have a pumpjack for lifetime.

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The store underwent some changes a while ago. It was posted in announcements about the change and how to get a refund for the pumpjack. I've quoted the section and provided a link.

Pumpjacks and Recyclers are no longer permanent and will need to be purchased every wipe. This change is to completely automate the delivery of all store items which has deprecated the old requests system. The prices have been significantly reduced to accommodate these changes. You can request a full refund into account credit to be used on future store purchases if you purchased either of these items before these changes were committed. You may request a refund in #help .


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