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Unban Request for Misku

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Evening ladies/Gentlemen,

This Unban appeal is going to be taken from my point or view and the view of events that took place from my perspective . keeping in mind i am not saying i was never in the wrong nor am i shifting the blame to others in this appeal. Also please keep in mind i have never verbally insulted, disrespected any persons/parties in this matter nor have i stolen any items at anytime. I have masked out names unless requested not to. 

Not sure of the time frames these incidents  took place but hopefully an admin will correct this post with logs/time posts. 

A Month or two back I had joined the Us Pure, played a 40+ hours farming/building a base. while on a scrap run i had come across mining outpost with the recycler running, i opened it up and watched what was being processed, 2 gentlemen that lived near the mining outpost rushed over and called for an admin to assist because i was blocked them from grabbing their stuff. They accused me of stealing items from them, when the admin (name masked ) approached, he gave me a Waring for accessing the recycler while in use by another party. I got upset with the fact i received a warning for doing so. I posted in chat that it was stupid i received a warning for looking inside the recycler and i also posted i will bait people with a warning/ban by placing a chest outside . After being frustrated by the warning i proceeded to post in chat that i will be leaving the server, i had asked for people to come by as i issued my items out and then left.  -  After looking at the rules i had seen what a fool i was and it was embarrassing. 


Same wipe month/ towards wipe day.  I had rejoined the server after looking for something to play, the server looked familiar and i had asked in chat if i played here before and an admin (name masked) replied that i had. I moved on and met a new player looking for a friend, we built and lived together to the end of the wipe. I had met another player who live near us, we got along and i mentioned if he was going to be here next wipe. he mentioned that he would. wipe day arrived. 


February was upon us with a fresh wipe. A few series of events took place during this wipe, like i mentioned before these events are from my viewing point. Everyone was doing scrap runs, grabbing gear the usual for the first couple of days building etc. i had built next to launch site, noticed a friend was on from last wipe. we had spoken and decided to join together and build a base/shops together. i had moved all my items to his  where he had already setup structures and shops. after dropping/editing structures we had noticed our neighbor had kept coming past to use our workbenches/shops. the gentlemen that i had met last wipe had know this persons before. we started to Roleplay and asked if we could come around for dinner, the persons agreed and we both grabbed some gifts and headed over. doing the roleplay thing, cooking steak etc i had jumped on the persons roof, he mentioned to get down from his roof but i still stood up there. after talking/roleplaying with said persons we had left. After moving in with the friend i had met he had alot of shops around so i decided with this update (helicopters) I should build a runway. for peoples to enjoy. i started to build ( see picture picture 1 ) The neighbor /persons had built a 1x1 shop next to the bushes near the river, I didnt really pay attention to it at all, spend 5 hours sorting power/cable for the airfield. after all this time and playing with the lighting i needed more power, i decided to throw up 4 turbines next to the river, the persons shop was next to the turbines( see picture 2). He said in chat someone building blocked him to admins, at the time i didnt even know it was his shop because i really didnt pay any attention to the 1x1 or what structure in chat. Admin/admins brought me aside and said that you cannot building block peoples/persons. they mentioned that we where not allowed to build anymore because of how many structures we owned and it was pushing people out of the area. ( see picture 3 for all structures of another and myself)  after posting in chat and trying to argue that fact its a joint base and we dont really own that much land and in no way was my intention to force people out it landed me further into hot water. The main thing i was trying to argue what was that they think i am some sort of monster building blocking people and pushing persons out of the area. the persons with the shop didnt even say/or ask, to remove the tool box or anything. after multiple talks with admins and trying to speak my view or events it didnt work. I just agreed and started removing structures. they had froze me and mentioned this was a form of griefing  because they hadn't check who built the structures yet. they checked then helped me remove the airfield and wind turbines (see picture 4). they also mentioned i was on thin ice after this episode and past history which was understandable.  Few days passed and i jumped on, did the usual stuff, farming,crafting, restocking shops, etc. I wandered down the the lake where a persons had a few shops and had a look, on my way back our neighbor was on his roof, i decided for some stupid reason i will jump up also. I jumped on his roof and played charlie and the chocolate factory while next to him. He got spooked and asked who was there, didnt reply so he walked over and had seen me. i then proceeded to jump off into the high external wall and die. respawned back at base and proceeded to craft some items. joined the next day to see i was banned for harassment and multiple warnings.

- Admins will have logs/recap of these events so i have missed anything please notify me. 

I would like to apologises to all parties/persons involved, it was never my intention to come across as that type of guy nor did want to harass another player in anyway. after thinking back at these events i am disappointed, ashamed  in myself and my actions and honestly wish i could of correct what i did. I am truly sorry to those who feel victimized by my actions. In all honesty i understand if the appeal will be denied and i understand if you feel my actions are unacceptable to rejoin the community. 

I would like to also state that the persons i was with had no relation to these events and hadn't done anything wrong. 

I am truly sorry to the admins for this mess i had caused and i would like to issue verbal apology if possible.  


Many thanks, 

Misku xoxo


p.s sorry for the bad grammar and spelling


picture 2.png


picture 4.png

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