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Banned EU Pure liammetbaard & MCB_OneTaPsS

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Offender: liammetbaard  Steam
Offender: MCB_OneTaPsS   Steam

Witnesses Fly & Bluenose

Server: EU Pure
Time: 18: 10GMT +1
Length: Permanent
Reason:  Toxicity and Harrassement

Additional Info: Players griefed an Bluenose base by surrounding it with multiple TC's and placing spikes all arround the base. They also where shooting at that Bluenose even after he had asked multiple times to stop.
When Admin Fly, went down there to have a look they where toxic to him , and started shooting to him too.
When i came to assist Fly, they where toxic to me and i become the newest shooting target.

I made them a special cozy 1x1 but the toxic behaviour continued, so i kicked them out. After they rejoined the server all started over again so i decided to ban them since toxic kids arent welcome here.

All toxic comment where made in voice, for proof you can contact the witnessess.

Proof of the tc's and spikes:


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