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Bartertown is up and running at C11!

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We have built an entire city in C11 on the frozen lake! There's only a few rules to Bartertown as of yet.

Salty Sis, Smokin420, Radegade and I have worked for about 6 or 7 days to set up a player driven town complete with shops, houses, and rooms to stay in!

1. Please keep everything wood. The upkeep for this place is incredibly high, and we're trying to keep it to a simple resource!

2. Please do not steal from others in Bartertown! We're all here to have a good time and be part of a growing community!

3.  We're trying to limit players to 1 additional floor to maintain our upkeep! as of right now, Bartertowns' resource draw is at 50,000 wood and 7,000 stone, which is incredibly expensive!

4. We don't ask for payments or any additional things, but we do request donations of wood and stone or whatever you'd like!



See you in game!

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