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Banned BlazeAllmighty (US) Pure

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Offender: BlazeAllmighty    Steam        BM   (US) Pure
Time: 3:06AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding, looting, disregarding admins.

Player was found with stolen items off from another players corpse when that player crashed. Logged back in to find his m249, m92 pistol and 2 stacks of pistol ammo. Read the loot logs from the sleeper and BlazedAllmighty's name was on the record. After finding Blaze's house it had in a box the same items that were stolen. Confronted Blaze and first claimed he/she got all of it from a military crate. Then changed story that they got it from a heli kill. Couldnt tell us when ,where and how they got it other than a heli kill. Continued to refuse to assist admins resulted in the ban. Player came to discord and admitted that he did it to troll.




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