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US Survival PIckleback Refinery Roulette


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US Survival Rust Ez Pickleback refinery roulette
Saturday March 30th 6pm EDST
A 1 in 100 chance to pick a random refinery with goodies in it. 
the catch ? you and everyone else have  just once chance choose out of the pit.
But how do you determine who goes first you may ask? Well that's easy the first part of the event everyone eats pickles until they die!
who ever dies first gets to choose first! simple 😃
what's in the refineries? all kinds of things that cannot be found within in the game. 
Each of these items then translates to a level of prize. 
Bleach = 10 scrap
Duct tape= 20 scrap
glue= 50 scrap
sticks= 100 scap
research paper=500 scrap
Blood= 1000 scrap
Geiger counter= $5 store credit rustez.com
Snowball= $10 store credit rustez.com

Edited by theattackchef
forgot to remove the line about backpacks. it's refineries now
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