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US Scourge: Let's Make a Deal! Sunday, April 7 8pm ET


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Let's Make a Deal, Scourge!  April 7 8pm EDT (UTC -4)

Come on down! You're the next contestant on Let's Make a Deal, Scourge!  The game show where players will win big, go home a loser or be killed in front of the live studio audience.

The Rules are Simple...

Ten players from the audience will be randomly chosen have a chance to join Scourge hosts on stage. You will be offered an item of value and given the choice to keep the item or trade it in for a mystery item that is locked in a chest or behind a door on the stage.

When players choose to trade with the host (rather than keeping the offered item) they don't know if they are trading up for a better item (like a high-value weapon or RustEZ store credit) or if the trade in will be a "NULLER" (slang for a bad trade or an instant death prize).

Let's Make a Deal, Scourge!  Will run Sunday, April 7 at 8pm Eastern, in the all-new Scourge Event Arena. Hosts will be available 15 minutes prior to event start time to help players and to offer a tour of the new Scourge Event Arena. Players from other servers welcome to join for the fun -- RustEZ store credits and some of the in-game prizes can be redeemed on other servers.


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