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(US) Pure Athlon Saturday, April 27th, 8PM EST


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Come join us on US Pure for a triathlon event. You will be challenged with cars,boats, and yes even minicopters. There will be challenges along the way so don't expect an easy run. We will be throwing it all out for you to adapt and overcome. Rules and  more info below. 



No teams, Individual players only. Positions with prizes are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The rest will get supply signals for this wipe or next no matter your server.

Any person caught leaving the track or path or accepting items from a player or a location not in the event will be  disqualified. Markers for each leg will be announced at the event. 

You will be given clothing and tools to aid you along the way.


Where: US Pure

When: 8pm EST/12am GMT



1st Place: $10 store credit

2nd Place: $5 store credit

3rd Place: 5 Supply Signals for this wipe or next.

Participation prizes are 1 supply signal.

Hope to see you this Saturday Night for a fun end of wipe event.

US PURE Admin Team



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I have done triathlons In real life, are there T1 and T2 (transition 1 and 2) where you have to switch gear. Like triathlon you need to take off your wetsuit/googles put on your bike helmet before you take your bike out of the bike rack, can get penalty up to Disqualification for biking without  helmet or a shirt.

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