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Banned On US Pure: Juul_master58

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Offender: Juul_master58 (steam) (Battlemetrics) 
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:08PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding, Looting, Despawning

I watched Juul_master58 jump walls into a player's enclosure, and through an open door and begin filling his inventory, then dropping items out of the boxes. He went through a half dozen boxes before I went visible and confronted him. He said no when i asked if it was his base, then I asked why he had picked up the items and he left the server. I called another admin over to help me recover the items while I sent a warning, was informed he had recaived a warning a few hours before, but it wasn't noted in BM. He logged back in, continued looting, so I closed the door he got in through. He then opened a ladder hatch and left through that. I followed him to his base, confronted him further, then handled things accordingly with the help of another admin. 






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