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Banned EU Pure Black Jesus


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Offender:   Black Jesus   (Battle) (Steam)
Server: EU Pure
Time: 0:00 GTM+1
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding

Additional Info: 
The player gained access to a base and toke items out of unlocked chests, the base owner called me over when i asked why he was in that base he threw out the loot and F1 killed himself.  So i made a special room with a nice view for him and had a talk. Since he was new and had some kind of "explanation" and wasvery apologetic about it, i explained the server rules and let him go with an official warning.

Couple hours later i get called in by an other member that is missing stuff from there heli tower, i look up the loot logs and to my suprise i find Black Jesus again.. Time stamp on the logs isnt even 30min after we had a talk.. 








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Still waiting for the video evidence from Mr Jesus to appear I thought he had "everything recorded" ,how I forced him to steal heli,loot boxes and wrongfully imprisoned him.Ironic that the heli and 'stuff' in those boxes he could of had the pick of if he'd asked .

Amazingly fast at creating a story and trotting out the lies though I almost admired that , all the above achieved in about 1 hour on EU Pure server . 

Chapeau young man 

Oh and many thanks to Ben , patience of a saint , reminds me why I could never be an admin :)

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