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Hi Motoko here :D


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Hello everyone, just discovered the EZeee server in April, and really enjoyed playing there!  I really didn't like the wake up on the beach and getting killed as you stand up on the other servers, and was about to give up on Rust... As a new player, it was just to difficult to learn the mechanics of this game when you get killed after a few minutes of play by another naked.  Not so with these servers, I was able to gain an understanding on game play and spend time exploring and building without the worry of having my skull bashed in LOL!  My thanks to you all for creating these servers to allow people to enjoy RUST!

I have been playing on the <EZeee 2.0 No Lag PVE=No Kill> server and I was wondering when it will be available as I am getting the message "Disconnected: Connection Attempt Failed", and it is not on the server lists.

Anyhoo thanks again for creating these servers, I am looking forward to many hours of playing RUST!  Aloha from Hawaii!


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