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Request Larger Stacks in Storage


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Hey Death,

          I would like to request that on the Server  <US  EZeee 2.0 No Lag PVE = No Kill>  the Stacks for storage be increased to the levels that they were prior to the May wipe (5K).  Also I found that the other "metrics" such as the in game clock and the icons (and messages) of the air drops and heli in the top left corner was extremely helpful to gauge when you should start heading back to base and such.  Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter!  





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@Motoko I believe you have stumbled across our great community of the RustEZ servers while searching for your current server's website. We do not have anything to do with the EZeee servers, however we do have our own little group of PVE servers.

If PVE is your thing, i would love to see you stop on by and introduce yourself to us on one of our servers. (we even have bigger stack sizes on some of them)

If you are interested feel free to check out :

Until we meet again,

Head Admin
RustEZ US Survival


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