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Banned EU Pure warist666 / OG N'wah / no3slayer

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Offender: warist666 (Battle) (Steam)
Server: EU Pure
Time: 00:04 GTM+1
Length: Permanent
Reason: Player & admin disrespect / Harassement / verbal abuse / general toxic behaviour

Additional info:  From the start warist666 was a problem player, it began with some looting warnings but soon he started to feel "more at home" and the curse words and insults started showing up in chat.  He was kicked on multiple occasions for inappropriate  language and behavior in chat.

On multiple occasions he started fight with other players by going for loot on monuments while other players where doing it. And to piss them off steal the rhib from cargo ship so that player had to swim to shore.  When a player returned the favor, he would call them cunts and more of these nice names. 

He even went as far as to compere one of my admins (who is German) as "The perfect soldier in '45".  (Nazi refference)

Multiple players came to me to complain about his behavior, one player was about to quit our server beceause of it. 

Looking at all this incidents together, i decided to perm ban warist666 today.

Edit: 10/05/2019 01:25 GTM+1

Offender: OG N'wah (Battle) (Steam)
The offender returned with a burner account. He was banned for ban evasion.

Edit 10/05/2019 15:20 GTM+1

Offender: no3slayer (Battle) (Steam)

The offender returned with a burner account. He was banned for ban evasion













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To be fair most of that toxic language was to my friends, i know it's still against the server rules but just saying. GG Lads. Too bad there isn't a section showing the evidence of nice side of me lol

Also i like lone potato lol, it was in a friendly way.

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After the "N**ga" incident i gave you a final warning, i explained behavior like that cannot be tolerated, not even as a joke.
After that i had to warn and even kick you on multiple occasions for your language in chat, you always said it wont happen again..
You had some incidents with other players and then you called them names, even today you called a player an "ass" and that was not as a "joke"..

I wont deny you had you're good sides too, you could be nice and helpful to others and funny when you wanted. But when it didnt went you're way we unfortunatly see an other side of you..
I think i gave you a fair number (most likely to much) chanses to redeem yourself and change you're attitude but you didnt..

So today i reached the point that i had to make a decision whats in the best interest of the server, and that was to let you go.


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You have a microphone - I heard your voice. If your good attitude is to steal people’s copters in front of their noses, loot other people and insult them all the time, then I don’t even know what’s wrong with you. I did not insult you, but only said who you are by doing what you do (saying about calling you the spammer). And it touched you, because its true. So, after that you started to insult me also. I dont care about you and about myself in this situation. I care only about that beautiful community on the server, that you are ruining being here. You have a microphone, but you don't use it on purpose. And about a pair of triggered people, you're wrong - the half of the server hates you. And you even here on the forum could not resist the insult, calling that people salty. Es good people - there are bad. You are the second - accept this. You had a lot of second chances that you didn't use.

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You're lying again, as before, when you said that you would correct. You just like to hurt people. After the ban, you did not go to another server, as you say, because you "just want to play the game", but you came back exactly here. You just felt impunity, because you say your dirty words not in the face of people, but through the monitor screen. But sooner or later, people like you are get punished by life. And usually - very hard. It is only a matter of time. I feel I said all about it. Dot.

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This thread will be locked to prevent any further replies in the interest of not causing unneeded drama. @warist666 You're free to create a new thread in bans and appeals to appeal your ban.

For the sake of not wasting time, it's best to just admit fault and convince the admins you're willing to take steps to address the underlying reasons for your ban.

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