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EU Pure Rollback


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I understand there were problems with the EU pure server I was on when they happened. So you had to fix the server, yes i understand. Which caused a 6 day roll back. This is the 2nd month in a row I have lost a weeks worth of work farming, building, upgrading etc. I think it was 3 months ago i started playing the game and on this server. Is this a common thing?  I just became a subscriber because i like the server, admin, and community. But I can't keep up with this

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Hey Apple,

We are very sorry that the server problems affected you and our other players, but unfortunatly is was out of our control and we had to do a rollback.
Rollbacks are very uncommon and it was the first time we had to do it since the EU Pure server started.

We are also happy to inform you that Death worked his butt off on our server and that we are now running on a brand new upgraded server.

I hope you will come back to us and give us an other chanse and test out the new server.
(You will have to look it up in the community list again since the IP has changed)

You are a valued community member and we would hate to see you go.

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Thanks for the reply and all the help you have given me. Yes I do understand, I used to rent and run dedicated clan servers and build clan/guild websites for other games in the past.

These last two months setbacks did upset me, but with your help i have recovered alot.

I have also already noticed an improvement in the performance of the server.

So see you again in game soon ;)

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