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Greetings and salutations! US Pure is hosting a "Find the Admin" hunt!
Please come and join in the fun on May 31st, 2019 from 8PM EST to 10PM EST. 

You will all begin at one location on the map. You will all be given identical clues. There will be false leads, obstacles, and the random trap along the way. 

Trapped players will have a brief cool down before release.

Players are welcomed to join together to solve clues, however, remember, there is only one first place. 
Clues may not be discussed in chat, but Discord is open and available for the players to compare notes.


You will arrive to the event naked. A flashlight and rad suit will be provided.

Finding items to help along the way is just fine.

No sneaking off to get anything from your bases(Or from players not in the event). Players caught doing this will be disqualified.

Remember, it’s scary out there, don’t.. hug... bears.

The hiding Admin cannot hide in any puzzle monuments. So, there will be no hiding in any areas that require keycards.  

They will also not be hiding on the oilrigs, or in military tunnels. All other public areas of map are fair game.

The Admin can be concealed, but not invisible.

Please remember to obey rules of the different monuments. (Outpost, Bandit Camp, etc.)

All spawns, such as PatrolHelicopter, CH47, CargoShip, and Bradley(APC) will run as normal. Remember to use caution.

1st prize:   $10.00 In-Store Credit
2nd Prize:  $5.00   In-Store Credit
3rd Prize:  Players choice of 3 Golden Eggs, or 3 Supply signals to be used now or after wipe.


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Congratulations to our winners,



We all had a great time with you(and all the players!) and look forward to the next event!

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i entered the event and was kicked out of rust somehow. actually happened twice on your server yesterday. anyways was interested in knowing where the admin was? 

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So sorry you were not able to complete the event, but your name is on the list for a gift at the beginning of the wipe. Just a little way to say thank you for participating. 
I hope you can make it to the pickle event on the 3rd!

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Oh great a gift! :D and such a good hiding spot tribrats


looking forward to that pickle event should be a laugh and some puking. maybe a bunch of puking hehe

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3.**Syrvius**(Rewards being donated for future use.)

Participation awards:
real cop
the broken femur of a crusder
scarlet fox

All awards are in the process of delivery/have been delivered. Had a blast! Thanks so much!

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