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Perfectly Puketastic Pickle Party (US)Pure June 3rd


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June 3rd Pukles Party

June 3rd, 2019 from 8PM EST (up to) 10PM EST. 

This is a solo event. No teams. All players will begin at full health, food and hydration.

Eat pickles till you die! 
Players will be seated, and given all the pickles they can eat. 
The whole point? To die. Repeatedly if possible. 
(There's no motive here. Honest. We just want your skulls...  for... … research purposes.)

Three rounds, first death from each round will compete in a final Puke-Off for the prizes.

All participants will receive a gift, and the joy of knowing that their suffering was not in vain.
(There will be laughter.  Lots and lots of laughter.)

1st prize:   $10.00 In-Store Credit
2nd Prize:  $5.00   In-Store Credit
3rd Prize:  Players choice of 3 Golden Eggs, or 3 Supply signals to be used now or after wipe.


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REAL COP (1) $10.00 In Store Credit

Nick Reagan (2) $5.00 In Store Credit

Sorbic (3) Choice of 3 Supply Drops or 3 Golden Eggs at beginning of Wipe.

Richard-                            Reward delivered 6/11/19
J_sno                               Reward handled 6/11/19
Rick Steel [DGN][LPS]   Reward delivered 6/11/19
aNoNiM                          Reward handled 6/11/19(Messaged Admins)
beach_waggy               Reward delivered 6/11/19
Anjo                              (Currently unreachable.)
Pinkdragonvii               Reward delivered 6/11/19

It was a blast!

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