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Banned eu Pure Thibdumont and B3ird

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Offenders:   B3rid Battlemetrics     Steam , Thibdumont Battlemetrics   Steam

Server: EU Pure

Time: 6:00 PM gmt+1   

Reason: Raiding Griefing, Staff Disrespect


Additional Info: A player reported a theft from an enclosured base.it was only enterable by minicopter or baloon.  i went there and saw the base was all sweeped dry, both guys authorized on tc. the owner named 8 k metal frags  800 Highquality Metal, 16k wood, 3 k Scrap, a bolt action rifle with a flashlight and a full box of components . i  went over to b3rid and found a wood/Stone sheetmetal Base  the base and boxes of them were stacked, what is pretty unusual for 3 hours playtime on this server . 

so breezer and me hauled back the loot to the owner. and breezer noticed a spike barricade placed within the tc range hidden in a bush.  i called tribrats and ben in to have a look on this case . from what i whitnessed b3rid made fun of ben and laughed at him when he was teleported into a cell and got confronted. he also tried to get out of his entlocked base by picking up wooden windowbars  . thibdumont instantly logged when he was confronted .

Proof : i have many screenshots, i can hand in more if additional proof is needed.











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