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Making personal quarries repairable

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Is it possible to make personal quarries repairable?

The reason I ask is I normally put quarries down next to my own heli tower so people don't take up those spots, that way I don't have to watch out for them when fighting.  I've landed an attack helicopter  twice on my own quarries this wipe and watched the health go near zero, before I salvaged them. and we can't repair them. The only way is to use a salvage hammer on them and then redeploy. The issue is we can't do this for other people's quarries, if we could repair them or they don't receive damage from Attack helicopter it would help out to be a friendly neighbor. 

I am glad that the mini copters no longer do damage in general. Wonder if similar could be done for the attack helicopter on the quarries.

Thank you for your time.


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