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US-Scourge Kill A Watt Event - June 30 at 5pm ET

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US-Scourge Kill-A-Watt Event ~ Sunday 30th at 5pm ET

Join us Sunday for an electrifying time on US Scourge! In this revamped, gruesome game show-style event, players are locked in their own space. Each room is wired up and connected to a random numbered switch on the board. Players take turns picking a switch to try and eliminate the other contestants.

Choose wisely! You could very well pick your own door switch!

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • The first 12 players to successfully grab a room will play for prizes.
  • Once all of the seats have been filled, hosts will start the game.
  • During the game players select a number 1-36 (that remains, of course) until everyone has been killed, except for the final player.
  • Contestants are eliminated when their confined space is lit up and they arrive at centre stage to meet their fate.

There is up to three rounds of play with max 12 people each round (depending on total number of event participants). Players who win EZ store credit in one round cannot play another round. Players waiting for a chance to claim a participant seat must remain in the audience. Exact prizes and number of rounds will be announced prior to event start time.

All players are welcome to join the event as prizes may be redeemed on any RustEZ server for July wipe.

Total event time is approximately 1 hour. See you in the Scourge event area on Sunday!





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