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EU Pure: Wipe days "Killer Switch" event. 4th of July 6pm GTM+1

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Wipe days "Killer Switch" event.  4th of July 6pm GTM

Join us Thursday 4th of July at 6pm GTM+1 for some wipe day fun.
We will be hosting a game show style event where 4 players in each round are locked in a room with behind them shotgun traps. The doors to those traps are hooked up to one of the 50 switches on the wall.  Players take turns to pick a switch and hopefully kill there opponents and not themself.

Some of the switches are connected to a bonus round to earn extra swtich flips or to spin the insta kill wheel. 

How the event works:

  • Players that wanna participate have to join the event with an empty inventory
  • The first 16 players who are able to pick a note with a code on can play for prizes
  • Once we have 16 players we start the process to see wich player plays in what round
  • The winner of each round will go to the final round to play for the prizes
  • During the game players have to select switches to try and open the door of the shotgun traps behind there opponent.

Depending on the amount of players that will show up at the event we will do extra rounds. Players who won EZ store credit in the previous round cannot participate another round. Players waiting for a chance to claim a participant seat must remain in the audience. Exact prizes and number of rounds will be announced prior to event start time.

All players are welcome to join the event as prizes may be redeemed on any RustEZ server for July wipe.

The event doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.





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