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Banned AU Pure: Prozica

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Offender:   Name   (steam) (BattleMetrics)
Server: AU Pure
Time: 1:45 PM
Length: Permanent
Reason: Along with mathicsatem they griefed, raided, and took over multiple bases
Additional Info: While going over a previous ban on mathicsatem, I found Prozica's name and decided to check some suspicious comments. Upon checking, I decided to look at surrounding homes. The two of them had taken over at least 2 homes and moved themselves in. Locking boxes, building on, taking tc, etc. 
Proof: More upon request








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you were right about the first messages, but I only searched one guy I'll happily admit that I took his belongings but I didn't take over the entire base, after that, I never went back to his base again. and in the second photo of the note in his inventory, that wasn't my doing. I was stupid, for doing what I did, I under estimated the power you admins have, And I fully regret it, If I was to join back I'd go Give the owner of the house free guns and materials as a sorry

Edited by Prozica

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@Prozica First, I want it to be clear that we did indeed find your name in 2 bases. The 2 near your main. The tc's were taken over and in one case, the player you were with placed a tc as well as boxes and built. That is considered taking over. The conversation puts you both together. You built a roof on one. 

I am willing to give you a second chance. Your ban has been lifted but please understand that if another ban is initiated, it will be permanent.

Please read over the rules in the load in screen and remember that there's no raiding, griefing, stealing, etc. This includes breaking other players' bags or property.

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