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English Language:I'm Turkish I'm tired of it and they do me racism durmadna admin bey talk to my brothers now that patience stone



Türkish Language:ben Türküm Diye bana durmadna ırkçılık yapıyorlar ve bundan bıktım admin bey şu veletlerle bi konuş artık sabrım taşı

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               Hello there, Mr_Uzayli. 


      Unfortunately, no one was being racist to Turkish people. You were spamming, and annoying the whole server, when we kindly asked you to stop, you simply blamed it on racism, saying that we told you to stop, only because you are Turkish ( the thing we didn't even knew ) and  causing unnecessary drama. After that, you just started being really rude. I admit, I got to my last nerve, when you were saying the same thing over and over and I got rude as well. U still made the same excuse and called us racists At that time, I got really mad. I said couple of bad things about you, since you were trash-talking us the whole time. In the server, im rarely toxic ( in fact, this was the first time I ever got mad ). I was being nice to other people, since they weren't spamming / causing drama / being annoying. If you could take a look about things people dislike about yourself, we could possibly all could get a long, make the server more friendly and maybe even get into the same group / clan. 

See you on the server.




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