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Banned eu Pure Madu

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Offender : Madu Steam Battlemetrics

Reason: Stealing and Raiding

Length : Permanent

Time : 4:50 PM GMT (server time)

 Additional info: Player was found sleeping in another players base. i secured his geared and stacked body into my hotel. i noticed the quite "rich" inventory, but i didnt link his name to "bad players" yet. a regular called me in; his vending machine got emptied. i found the offenders name on the vending and the rest of that fenced area . (refinery, furnace) so i went to him, and wanted to check his inventory.  he was awake and taken to jail to have a private admin to player conversation. i got up my google translator and he sayd i am sorry. i explained the rules  on polish (google translated) he agreed to them via chat. 5 minutes later, i was busy doing the evidence, i noticed him running around the base of his former "victim" . 2 minutes later he was stuck in another players base. couldnt help, needed to swing the hammer .


Proof :








more screenshots available upon request

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