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Image sizes in pixels of signs, picture frames, etc


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I was getting frustrated with some of my images being warped and in the wrong proportions, and did a bit of research. I did find an old website with the measurements via wayback machine, but it is very inaccurate for some of the signs.
I ended up submitting a question to Facepunch and they sent me this list:

Double Sign Post                256    256
Huge Wooden Sign                512    128
Landscape Picture Frame         256    128
Large Banner Hanging            64     256
Large Banner on Pole            64     256
Large Wooden Sign               256    128
One Sided Town Sign Post        256    128
Portrait Picture Frame          128    256
Single Sign Post                128    64
Small Wooden Sign               128    64
Spinning Wheel                  285    285
Tall Picture frame              128    512
Two Sided Hanging sign          128    256
Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign   256    128
Two Sided Town Sign Post        256    128
Wooden Sign                     256    128
XL Picture Frame                512    512
XXL Picture Frame               1024   512

I hope people find this helpful.

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Addition of Neon signs:

Large neon sign                256    256
Large animated neon sign       256    256
Medium neon sign               256    128
Medium animated neon sign      256    128
Small neon sign                128    128

Information on size credit to [STRS] Johnny Silverhand on the Rust Labs website for the resolution sizes.

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