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Banned EU Pure p1xeL

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Offender: p1xeL (Battle)(Steam)
Server: EU Pure
Time: 17:20PM GMT+2
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding /Griefing

Additional info:
Player raided and griefed multiple bases, all the loot he didnt need he just threw out to make it despawn. He even went as far as to destroy the loot boxes to remove evidence. When confronted with me, he didnt showed any respect and kept shooting me in the face and run away.

The sneaky basterd also killed himself and let him respawn at the beach to make it harder for us to track down his base..  (Wich we found anyway)

Concidering he made a big mess in only 3 hours, didnt showed any respect for admins and he played on other RustEZ servers in the past. I gave him an organization wide ban to protect our players.

Proof: (There is a lot more evidence avaible upon request)





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