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(US) Pure Amazed & Confused Event

Smokey 420

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                                                             US Pure Amazed & Confused

Event Info

Name: Amazed & Confused

Type: Maze Run

Location: (US) Pure

Date: July, 27, 2019

Time: 08:00 PM EST

Whats needed for Event

Naked Meat I mean players.

Do not bring anything to the event.

Once event is announced Type /Event to enter the event.

DO NOT leave the event unless using this  /Event Leave in Chat.

Event Rules

- You can use any method to reach the top tier Tower.

- You can team up or run alone, However only 3 people can claim a prize finish.

- You are allowed to climb the walls, jump your friends and climb over other competitors corpses 

- No Holds Barred, Everything Goes (Within Server Rules)

Event Prizes

1st Place: $10.00 EZ store Credit**

2nd Place: $5.00 EZ Store Credit**

3rd Place: 2 Airdrops* or 2 Golden Eggs*

Participation Prize: 1 Present***

*Prizes may be claimed following the event or after wipe on (June,01, 2019) .

** EZ Store funds are not handled by in-game admins, We will submit your winnings to website Administrator for processing. (Usually within 24-48 hrs)

*** For the present to be received you must open the loot box to have your name logged into the event log.

Event Description

Can you manage the twists n turns of "Dead ends" and overcome starvation, Or will you climb the walls and avoid the Dead Ends while eating your friends along the way just to advance. Survive and claim your spot on top of the tower to be victorious and crowned the new champion of Amazed & Confused. Fail and you may end up being food for the competition. Honor, Courage and Commitment is required. This is a no holds barred maze run. Honor the fallen by always carrying a piece of them with you for food. Courage to take the shorter but risky route over the long and proven path. Commitment to make it to the end, no matter the challenge placed before you. The path before you may not be for the faint of heart nor those lacking in willpower to persevere through the obstacles of the deadly corridors. Outwit and outlast your competitors and you may find yourself climbing the tower to overlook the maze runners below you.

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1st place Uncle Potato         
2nd place Soggy Sal  
3rd place -ITF- Braindeg[Cpl.] 


[RCF] Draegon        
Pathetic Cup         

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