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Player: EXTRIX https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/799701761

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203697639

Reason: Banned for Toxicity, Hate Speech, Harassment, Looting, and Theft.

8:22 PM EXTR1X: how do you craft a dildo

8:22 PM EXTR1X: lmao

8:33 PM EXTR1X: whats up hoe

8:36 PM EXTR1X: nothibg

8:36 PM EXTR1X: no sir

8:37 PM EXTR1X: do you have anything for me

8:39 PM [ezStore] Messaged EXTR1X: Your inventory was full!

8:40 PM EXTR1X: yall are gay

8:40 PM EXTR1X: hate this server

8:40 PM EXTR1X: suck my dick

8:41 PM EXTR1X: me and my friend got caught stealing stuff

8:41 PM EXTR1X: go suck some dick

8:41 PM Player EXTR1X was kicked (toxic) by tribrats.

8:41 PM EXTR1X left the server20190805204436_1.thumb.jpg.f715037f28e2fd4eb055982b0340926e.jpg 

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