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US-Survival Roundabout Roulette Sat 17th 6pm est

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GHSTNOODLES First event on US-Survival!

Roundabout Roulette pits your luck against admin bombs! 



A metallic merry go round of doom greets you. Huddled together in the core, you navigate a circular hallway filled with doors. Each room will contain a locked crate. Can You Hack It? The one that gets blown up the most is the winner. Six rounds of shocking surprises. Come try your luck at blowing up!



1. Doors will open, run into the hallway

2. One door per person

3. Enter when they open, and proceed to door in back of room

4. Get blown up (if you're lucky)


Prizes include in game event rewards, RustEZ store credit (10$ for event winner $5 for runner up) and our admins admiration for putting up with getting blown up! 

Good Luck!

roundabout picture 1.png

roundabout roulette 2.jpg

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