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Ban: EU Pure Mr_Uzayli

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Offender:   Mr_Uzayli (steam) (BattleMetrics)
Server: EU Pure
Time: 4:26 PM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Spoken to previously about looting which he ran from the admin instead of talking with them. Was caught again looting a large amount from a player's quarry and pumpjack. Was spoken to by myself but there were concerns of language issues so Fly assisted later. When Fly discussed the issue, he began destroying his own base and said "4:11 PM Mr_Uzayli: @fly i don't your play a server 4:11 PM Mr_Uzayli: and fucking to your mother" then left the server. After discussion by Fly and myself, it was decided to ban.
Proof: (Fuel, stone, sulfur)





Additional logs from the offender stealing:



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