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Hello there, 

Reason why banned? :


So today while playing PvE I  lost lost some scrap at the bandit camp, and tried to make people smile by ''False raging''. While doing that I admit, I took it to too far by saying the N-word. I take full responsibility for saying it, and I request my ban to be removed. I'm an active player on the server, since it's my favorite community. 


Why should I be unbanned? : 

Well, I'm an active player on the server. I try to help community as much as possible. I like this community, since it's PvE is the one that requires at least a bit of skill to get started. I didn't meant to say it, at the moment I though it was a funny thing to say. I am sorry that this is the ways turned out and I request a second chance, with a promise that it won't happen again. 






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Hi Boii/KawaBird

I have checked through the logs and can see that no malice was intended and the comment was not aimed at any other player. Based on that I am lifting the ban on this occasion.

However, please ensure that you make no racist comments in chat, voice or on any signage as future infractions may end up with a permanent ban. We do take racism seriously on the server and want RustEz to be a place to relax and have fun without having to put up with that.

And remember, if you lost the scrap to gambling, we have regular in-game meetings to help you get over your addiction... ;)



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