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inconsistency with base protection rules


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Hello, after admins explained some of the base protection rules to me I noticed a strange inconsistency regarding the degree of protection allowed.

So, according to the rules stated to me, players are allowed to protect their bases/compounds by placing loaded and hostile Auto-Turrets anywhere inside the compound as long as the turret does not have line-of-sight to any area outside the room being protected or beyond the high External Walls surrounding it.

However, another rule states that players are NOT allowed to use ground traps such as Snap-Traps and Landmines to protect their compounds or bases, or even be allowed to use them at all.

My question is why are players allowed to use fully loaded and hostile auto-turrets to protect their bases and compounds but simple traps such as landmines are completely banned?

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Turrets(including flame turrets) must be in areas that are not accessible to players who might pass by (If they are loaded). As you were informed, 'line of sight'. Exposed turrets must be unloaded and on peacekeeper mode. (For flame turrets, no fuel can be added.)
Regarding traps such as landmines and bear traps, they can be in your compounds, just as a turret can, but not exposed to casual passersby's. Because there is no 'safe' mode for them, they cannot be in the open. 

With proper base preparation and following simple security measures, such as enclosing quarries, furnaces, and refineries, there is a significantly lessened need on PVE/Survival servers for turrets and traps. Traps and turrets are geared towards PVP activities. Traps, turrets and the likes, are not against Pure rules, simply follow the guidelines as to placement or arming as  determined by the specific type of device.

I hope this clears up the confusion.
Thank you for expressing your need for clarification! We do our best to help out.
Have a great day!

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