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(US) Pure Tower Madness

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US Pure Tower Madness

Event Info

Name: Tower Madness

Type: Tower Attack

Location: (US) Pure

Date: August, 24, 2019

Time: 09:00 PM EST

Event Duration: 1 hour

Whats needed for Event

Do not bring anything to the event.

Once event is announced Type /Event to enter the event.

DO NOT leave the event unless using this  /Event Leave in Chat.

Event Rules

Breaking any of the following rules will disqualify you from the event ((No Reward) This is your warning)

- You may not fire once you Tower has been destroyed

- You may not switch teams once the event has started (Unless told specifically by a admin)

- You can only use the equipment available in your tower.

- Attempting to leave the event area with event items will disqualify you from Participation prize.

Event Prizes

1st Place: $10.00 EZ store Credit**

2nd Place: $5.00 EZ Store Credit**

3rd Place: 2 Airdrops* or 2 Golden Eggs*

Participation Prize: 1 Present***

*Prizes may be claimed following the event or after wipe on (September, 05, 2019) .

** EZ Store funds are not handled by in-game admins, We will submit your winnings to website Administrator for processing. (Usually within 24-48 hrs)

*** For the present to be received you must open the loot box to have your name logged into the event log.

Event Description

1st Bracket:   3 Rounds of 10 vs. 10 Best of 3 Advances.
2nd Bracket:  3 Rounds of 5 vs. 5 The last 3 people standing then advance to final round.
3rd Bracket:   3 Rounds of 3 vs. 3 Whoever has the highest average of points at the end wins

Points for last tower standing on the 3rd Bracket.
Points: 2

Take down the enemies tower to win. 

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Event Standing
1st Light_Trooper ($10 EZ Credit)

2nd Muzek ($5 EZ Credit)

3rd Dog (2x presents or 2x golden eggs)

Uncle Potato

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