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Let's Make a Deal, Scourge! Thurs Aug 22 2019 @ 7pm ET


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Come on down! You're the next contestant on Let's Make a Deal, Scourge! The game show where players win big, go home a loser, or die on stage in front of the live studio audience.

The Rules are Simple...

Ten contestants from the studio audience will be randomly chosen have a chance to join Scourge hosts on stage. You will be offered a mystery item and given the choice to keep the item and walk away (*cough* stay alive) or trade it in for a prize locked in a chest or behind a door on the stage.

When players choose to make a deal with the host hey don't know if they are trading up for a better item (like a high-value weapon or $10 RustEZ store credit) or if the trade in will be a "NULLER" (slang for a bad trade or an instant death prize). Ten additional players will have the option to win the prize the contestants pass up.

Let's Make a Deal, Scourge, will run Thursday, August 22 from 7 to 8 pm Eastern. Hosts will be available 15 minutes prior to show time. Players from other servers are always welcome to join us – as game show participants or audience members. Some prizes, like the RustEZ store credits can be redeemed on any of the servers.

Get Ready!

Help Scourge hosts out by doing a few things in advance of event start time:

  • Arrive with basic clothes, food and water only. Leave valuables at your base. 
  • Scourge admins will teleport everyone to 'Studio 3' at the Scourge Event Arena prior to show time!
  • If you want to gather in Discord (US-Scourge chat), please join voice chat early and have Push-to-Talk (PTT) enabled.  
  • Make sure you have signs turned on in your game options. (Game Options > Censorship > Hide Signs *OFF*).



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For those interested, here is the prize list from the event yesterday. A few players walked away with some great stuff ~ others won a shotgun trap to the face.

Congratulations to the EZ credit winners

  • $10 EZ Credit - LoyalRover
  •  $5 EZ Credit - Lumos

First Offers
1.    Jackhammer, chainsaw, LGF
2.    40 trout, BBQ
3.    Heavy Scientist suit
4.    Halloween Loot bag, cauldron
5.    5 Supply Signals
6.    10 Halloween Loot Bags
7.    50 scrap
8.    $5 RustEZ credits
9.    Decorative Pinecones
10.   Small generator, 4 simple lights

Stage Doors
1.    Horse, Trough, 100 pumpkins
2.    Admin's Locker (Admin outfits (Aurora, Jack) Bunny suit, one set glowing eyes
3.    NULLER ~ Death trap
4.    NULLER ~ Death trap
5.    Spike traps
6.    Pickle Roulette Party for 5! (5 chairs, 500 pickles)
7.    Birthday Party for 5 (5x party hats, cake, shirts, pants, presents, pookies)
8.    M249 with attachments & 1000 rounds
9.    $10 EZ Credits
10.  Boat garage package (20k stone, 20k wood, TC, Dive outfit, LGF, wooden gate, free rhib delivered)

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