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New Scourge server Idea - Extreme PVE Environment due to zombie apocalypse.


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I would like to see a Scourge (PVE) server that allows for 1 life per day.

  • Zombie Hordes / Zombie AI
    • Zombies with a much longer aggro radius
    • Zombies attacking bases
    • Zombies with a much larger aggro radius
    • Zombies attracted to large noises
      • C4 exploding Bradley
      • shooting/destroying attack helicopter
      • Firing loud weapons without suppression
  • Community - Limited number of players lives/deaths per day
    • creating close knit communities through survival
      • people work together more
      • people less likely to go off on solo adventures
      • reducing the tons of private bases with more community bases

Maybe i watch too many zombie movies... I would just LOVE a server like this. Is this type of server possible?

What is possible and not possible with zombie AI? anyone have some sort of list?

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Holy SHEET! I got aonther idea!

Player status advancement for each day they survive, giving them more perks like larger backpack and other things!

Death takes them down one status or removes all status back to basic.

OR Subscribers or VIP are the ones who can advance their perks causing others to look to these people as a hot commodity and creating communities around these "Leaders"

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