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I would like to a second to hear what YOU the people have for Event ideas, we do the same fun events every wipe, but I'm curious if any of you could add to that pool! This isn't just for fun, this could be the next event we hold on the server for everyone to enjoy!

Now please keep in mind that these ideas have to be within reason to be taken serious, however don't spare a funny thought because we all love to laugh!

Let's hear em everyone!

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Foxy ran a on the spot event in launch a couple days ago..

a bradly was spawned but got sutck so a second was spawned. the cross fire was great.. so hard to move around. it was like mill tuns but with tanks. lol

so it happened. 3 tanks then more and more

so it was converted to an mini event.

after Bradley's the helles were brought in..

around and around and around we went.. its was the most satisfying event ive ever been to on my 1700 hours....  

it lasted about 3 or more hours b4 foxy pulled the pin n sent us all home..... it felt like a 30 minute run...


on a lighter note... when we started with 2 bradlys, killing just one of the 2 was about 10x harder due to the cross fire... perhaps think of making it a constant thing... as Bradly on its own is too easy to kill.....  hide behind a wall n toss c4,, not much of a challenge... 

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