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US-Scourge Event: Rage Runners – Thurs Oct 10 @ 8 pm EST

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2019 - 8 PM EST (US-Scourge)

Get ready to run and jump for your life, Scourge!


This deadly but fun challenge is designed to test your patience, skill and luck. As you cross the treacherous spike pit you'll need to constantly jump and move to avoid other participants and the swinging armored doors that are designed to slow you down and hinder progress.

Each round is a timed mad dash to the end – if you die in the spike pit, you can respawn and keep trying until the timer (or your patience) runs out.
Those who make it to the other side of the pit in the first three rounds will earn a spot in the final round where you will compete for RustEZ store credits and in-game prizes.

How The Event Works:

- Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
- When the event starts, all players will attempt to cross the spike pit as many times as needed in 5 minutes.
- Players who successfully make it to the end in any of the first 3 qualifier rounds will compete in the final round for prizes.
- In the final round, winners are chosen in order of making it across the pit (or in order of who died closest to the finish).


  • 1st: $10 EZ Store Credit
  • 2nd:  $5 EZ Store Credits
  • 3rd: 3x supply signals
  • Players who make it to the final round will receive a Halloween Loot bag.

Have questions about our server events and how to participate? Ask an admin or read the FAQ!



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Final Results!

Round 1 Qualifiers - Death, The Devious, AlrightyThen, LoyalRover, Ramencup, CalmEhKawZee

Round 2 Qualifiers - Sumadef, Ramencup, Death, CalmEhKawZee, LoyalRover

Round 3 Qualifers - The Devious, Sumadef, Death, CalmEhKawZee, Ramencup, BimJeam


Final Winners - 1st Place - Sumadef 2nd Place - (TIE) LoyalRover, Death 3rd Place - The Devious

Total Deaths - 374

Gwydiana: 5
sharla.windrider: 22
miniaries: 26
AlrightyThen: 28
BimJeam: 26
The-Spectator: 16
Sumadef: 18
BOT Fox: 22
CalmEhKawZee: 24
BloodyBaroness: 25
Mercstar: 6
The Devious: 28
Vonblood: 16
~milo~: 23
Ramencup: 21
The-Spectator: 16
alexanightfire: 12
LoyalRover: 28
Slippery Mc Nuts: 3
Death: 9

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