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This subscription is for those who seek to give back more to the community in more ways than just one. Your monthly subscription will be split evenly into 5 categories to support our growth, our team and everything in-between!

Pink username color
• 10% store discount
• 10% black market discount*
• Access to private servers

* These perks are not available on our vanilla servers.

• General up cost - Although our typical store items offset the burden, this will enable us to put more funds to the side to constantly keep our server up-to-date with the latest and greatest hardware.

• Development Expenses - Pay our developers to continue to constantly implement and improve features across all of our servers. This also includes courtesy donations to developers who provide their plugins for free that we utilize.

• Staff Wishlist - We would love to be able to pay our admins but sadly that's not possible. However, with your subscription, we'll be able to give back to our team by allocating funds to purchase items on our team's wishlist comprised of steam games and physical amazon items.

• Spread the Love - This fund is nothing but giving back to people who make our community possible, such as Oxide for providing us with a universal platform and API to bring our creative ideas to life in the form of plugins. LinuxGSM for providing a library of Linux scripts that makes running multiple servers easier and provide the best stability and performance for our servers. These funds will be delivered to said organizations patreons on behalf of the EZ community.

• Experimental Fund - The biggest concern we face on a daily basis is whether or not we should invest in certain things that we might not normally be comfortable with. Adding features that might be so out of this world it might be rejected and for that, we typically shelf the idea for fear of losing our investment. This fund is very transparent in the sense that some funds may be allocated to server development while some may be used for web or any general service we utilize on a daily basis. The goal here is to be unique and test the bounds of creativity and madness.

If you have any pre-sale questions you can get a hold of us here or ask our community!


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