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Banned on US Pure: The Eternal

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Offender: The Eternal

BM & SteamID: Battlemetrics Steam 76561198236841698

Server: US Pure

Time: 7:05pm est

Reason: Player harassment, Toxicity, Admin Disrespect, stealing

Additional Info:

Prior to the events of the ban, He was caught stealing loot from a chinook crate right in front of players who were actively looting it after downing it. The Eternal has had a rather sour attitude against anyone that refuses to help them. After a light hearted conversation of teases in voice and chat, he went too far and was told to calm down. He then proceeded to blow up at players and admins for what he believed to have been an attack against him. He would regularly demand things then scream at them and call them rude/crude names in voice and chat(mind you, with poor spelling,) when he would not get his way.


Eternal ban.png

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