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RustEZ Community Event - CR2019

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WHEN: Tuesday, November 19 at 8 PM ET
WHERE: CR2019 Main server (connect

All RustEZ players are invited to join us on Tuesday, November 19 at 8 PM ET for an evening of fun on the Charitable Rust 2019 main server. Charitable Rust is a yearly event that aims to improve the lives of people through the power of playing Rust. As part of this, CR2019 runs scheduled events (like Turf Wars, Tower Penetration and Hunger Games) but also has a 24/7 main server with additional amazing event builds. 

While not a complete list, here's what to expect on the Charitable Rust main server: Art contest, Labyrinth, Olympics, Parkour City, Boat Battles, Boat Jumps, Murder Mystery, Escape Room plus boat, car and horse races.

Team #RustEZ

Joining us for this get-together supports a great cause!

Team #RustEZ – On Tuesday, I will start the donations by pledging $1 per RustEZ community member who shows up for our event (up to 50 players).  Death will match the donation on behalf of the RustEZ community. 

We encourage everyone in our community who wants to donate, to do so for Team RustEZ. Simply include #RustEZ in the comments section when you make a donation to keep our community on the leader board! You must include the #RustEZ tag when you make the donation. 100% of all Charitable Rust 2019 donations go Pencils of Promise, a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. 

How to Participate

EZ staff and players can join our Discord (Lobby 1) at 8 PM and head over to the CR 2019 event server. We'll hang out, have some fun and support Charitable Rust 2019! We'll meet at DOA's Bar on Portal Street and jump into events. 

See you Tuesday!





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