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Join us for a shocking new twist on this gruesome game show. In Kill-A-Watt: The Tesla Terror Edition, players are confined to their own space with their very own fully charged (and ready to fry) Tesla coil. Each coil is attached to a random numbered switch on the board. Players take turns picking a number to try and eliminate other contestants.

Choose wisely! You could very well pick your own Tesla switch!

Saturday 15th , 8-9 pm EST (US-Scourge)

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • The first 30 players to successfully grab a seat will play for prizes.
  • Once all of the seats have been filled, hosts will start the game.
  • During the game hosts go in order and have players select numbers until everyone has been eliminated except for the final player.
  • There is up to three rounds of play depending on total number of event participants. The final round will award EZ store credit prizes.


  • 1st: $10 EZ Store Credit
  • 2nd:  $5 EZ Store Credit
  • 3rd: 3x supply signals
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Hell YEAH!!!!!    Epic fun game show where u might smell burning bods! 

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