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Farming Points with Explosives using f1 console


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Hey everyone, 

People in game may know me as FLUX and I have been a lurker here for quite some time, figure now is the time to contribute back to the community. Most people are familiar with the black market in game, a helpful place to purchase in game items and sell resources for currency. 


Of of the best ways to farm points (aside from stone) is via Explosives over on the bottom right. However, as you know or have heard it is extremely time consuming! This is why people default back to Stone; as the use of quarries can make passive point earning extremely easy... 



You heard me correct.. Passively Craft exponential amounts of GP and Explosives with no effort.


You might be thinking to yourself, "Flux I ain't sitting by my damn t3 wb for hours in the game pressing max stack and craft to create a cue!" 


You're right, I would never want that for you.


let me get into how we can automate the creation of GP and Explosives without limitations of max stack crafting sizes using... F1 CONSOLE. DUH DUH DUUHHHH!! So There's a command in Rust that many people don't talk about called "Craft.add" -- an f1 console command to craft items, assuming you have the resources and are located by a crafting bench upon entering the command. Otherwise you'll get a vague message: "You can't craft this item"   It's important to note that this command extends to any craftable item in the beautiful game of rust however, in this example we are sticking with GP and explosives.


The usage of the command in f1 console is "craft.add Item.ID.Number amount_Integer" so for example: "craft.add -592016202 2500" 

The two Item IDs we'll be using for this post are:

Gunpowder :    -592016202

Explosives :       -592016202 

We can leverage Key binds to automate this further, with the command "bind t craft.add -592016202 2500" to automatically craft 2500 gunpowder stacks with the single press. (this of course is assuming you have the materials and are by the workbench, otherwise welcome back to the vague message of "You can't craft this item". 

It's important to note that there is no limit to the stack size using this command and that the only restrictions you'll be faced with is how many mats you can hold/possess. 

For a full list of Rust item IDs check out this post which names them all: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/

Upon entering the command or hitting your new keybind, you'll notice a beautiful sea of green as the items start crafting.


Not shortly after your points will be waiting for you, like a beautiful surprise as you carry on your day



Once you start crafting you can go on your day, fly around, run around killing dem zambies or really anything your heart desires... The crafting cue will remain flowing the whole time. 


Now take that box of sulfer, those boxes of Char, and various other mats... And.. 



I hope you all find this helpful.. It's a trick I've been using for a while and wanted to bring something new and great to the community I so much enjoy. Now let's see how many attack helicopters we can spawn in a row! ^_^


Happy Farming. - Flux






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