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How I edit my plants in 4 steps.

  1. Plant a seed. Wait for it to become a sapling.
  2. Plant two clones of my best plant I want to edit.
  3. Plant any clone that has the desired gene I want to change.
  4. Plant a clone from a different plant that also has the desired gene I want to change.
    1. (This plant should not share any genes with plant-3 except the desired change)


Result: The seeded plant (1) will adopt the genetics of your best plant (2)(2) except for the desired replacement gene from the unique clones (3)(4).

Explanation: Plant 1 will cross-breed first, opening up it’s chances to adopt surrounding genes. Placing 2 copies of Plant 2 will stack the odds of it’s genes being adopted. Plants 3 & 4 are used to change the adoption odds of the specific gene-slot you want to change to 50/50, and in my experience, favor is given to positive genes in a tie.

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