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Banned US Survival: o2

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Offender: o2  Steam ID:  76561198189344191  Battlemetrics: 689372458
Server: US Survival
Time: 0608 HST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Chat toxicity
More Info: Player became combative and toxic in chat when myself and several other players tried to calm o2 down over a building dispute due to another player building just outside of the range of his building privledge.  The other player in question, who was offline at the time, did not build in a way that would represent possible griefing to o2's base.



107769575_3198368760201590_4552880328720991815_o (1).jpg

Scene of the building dispute in question.  o2's is the one on the right while the offline players is the twig one on the left.


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