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Kid trapped me in 1x1 twig for 15 mins.

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Couldn't find how to change out of ban appeals so bear with me please. 

Did not let me upload video so heres the link to a website where i uploaded it. https://streamable.com/vzdw6w 

Kept me hostage in a wood 1x1 for almost 15 mins on [US] Pure. Said i was a "punk kid" for rick rolling him after he has been chasing me around screwing me over. Says that im a R****rd for apparantly saying "fuck off" and " f1 kill" I did not say "Fuck off" But i said f1 kill for a joke when he said he does not have a numpad.

Edit: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997356623 Is his profile.

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I am sorry you had this experience. After reviewing the incident, actions are being taken.


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