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(BANNED)US Pure : HashPi

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Offender: HashPi   STEAM
Server: US Pure
Time: 5:35 AM EST
Length: Permanent
Reason: Griefing, Trapping, Harassment of a player.
More Info:

Trapped a player and griefed them to an extent that they were unable to play for quite some time. Based on the extent of griefing, I am banning this one as the player chose to be a very negative influence by way of blatant PVP activities. They refused to release the trapped player and when player was freed, they chose to spend their time trying to re-trap them.


Video provided by the victim.




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For the sake of not dragging my name through the mud, I figured I would clarify the situation (this is not an appeal).

I have no reason to be mean or spiteful to a random individual on the internet.

  • I trapped him in a 1x1 for less than ten minutes.
  • I released him from said 1x1 (I had no intentions of recapturing him).
  • I will not speak ill of the individual/actions taken by him.

Regardless, I wish the complainant well and hope he is kind to others moving forward. Love you all.


Edited by HashPi

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Thank you for your comments..
As no appeal is forthcoming, I will go ahead and lock this thread. 

I wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavors. 

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